LLOTN – web hosting #2 – “free domain name” with hosting


Lots and lots of hosting providers offer a ‘free domain name’ when you host with them — and while initially that seems cool — hey, save yourself 5-25 bucks a year (p.s. DO NOT pay 25 bucks a year for ANY domain name! that’s just CRAZY TALK)

So why not, right? what’s the big deal? Every penny counts right?

Here’s a few things that have actually happened to me:

  1. after the first year of hosting, the host provider somehow did not renew domain name
    ::result:: by the time we realized it, not only had the domain name not been renewed, but it had been stolen and parked
  2. at some time the host provider was not working out, and we needed to move a domain to another provider (this was for someone I set up a site for) – the client didn’t realize there was a tie. Domain renewal came up, and he was notified, but he didn’t want hosting — this specific host did not offer domain only!
    ::result:: while waiting for either a) the provider to respond to repeaded requests for domain renewal or b) the domain to be released for re-purchase, it it had been stolen and parked

So, my “Lesson Learned” here — sometimes it’s worth a few extra bucks for peace of mind. Keep your bread in the bread box, and your meat in the fridge. And don’t forget to check your apple barrel for bad apples — cuz one bad one can ruin the whole bunch.

okay, yeah, that sounded hokey … but I really do have peace of mind having all my domains in one spot. No more “wow, this one gives you the domain for 5 bucks for the first year – then charges 15 or more later — no, sorry … 123ehost.com straight up fees, easy management, I love it (and NO, I get no kickback, don’t work for them, I just love how easy they are to work with) — OH, and .. I haven’t even used their hosting services, just domain name management.

coming up next — “Renewal by mail” SCAM!