love love knitting!



yesterday night i finished my first ‘big’ project — i wanted to make a hoodie, and my guru-mentor-awesome-friend-knitting-genius suggested that i make a baby sized one first, to get my feet wet. boy was she ever right!

had to frog it a buncha times .. but, it has truly been the most exciting project i’ve worked on. it had lots of great exciting increases , and provisional cast ons, and picking up stitches … it really came out AMAZINGLY

Nicole .. if you happen to venture to my site … STOP LOOKING!!! this is NOT for you … close this window, and go away …. 🙂


i’m serious … don’t look .. don’t go any further ..


please … don’t … please


please ….

and … p.s. i didn’t “technically” lie … this hoodie isn’t for Nicole .. it’s for her baby 😀

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