May, 2011

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wow! knitting!

i never woulda thunk that i could have so much fun being “domestic” … first cooking, and now .. knitting … i LOVE knitting!! after I completed my first ‘knit knit knit’ square project, I went on to playing with what different stitches did, then  on to a ‘real’ project — DISCHLOTHS! wooooo

I really found some pretty patterns and wonderful soft cotton yarn, and voilia! My new favorite dishcloth! The biggest problem I have with these suckers — they’re just too pretty and soft to USE!!! I love them so much .. I think I’ll name them … ummmmmm …. felecia and petunia .. yeah, that’s it. They should meet steve (the first knitting experiment)

Then I tried ‘grandmas favorite dishcloth’, which – consequently – is not my favorite. Then I tried out this ballband dishcloth , it came out cool —- well, on one side. 😉

and now … i’m on to a super slightly secret project … shhhh! what i can say, is that it involves knitting in “the round”!!!



day 1 kitting!

figuring out the first cast on seemed to be a mighty big challenge to overcome .. until i was ready to actually start knitting … i musta watched that video like 20-hundred times … but i finally got it!

my little dish cloth looks sorta raggedy, and somehow i’ve added stitches wehre they weren’t .. so it’s growing a little … it might be slightly homely .. but it’s soft, and pretty, and mine 🙂

and now .. my needle pushing thru finger is sore, and it’s late .. and i’m goin to bed .. nite nite steve! stay warm (oh, right, you’re 100% cotton, you’ll be fine)

introducing: steve – the magic growing dish cloth knitted thang …

learning to knit!

okay, i have my first needles (29″ bamboo no 7 circular), my first yarns (cotton, lily, sugar n’ cream) and other trinkets (THANKS FOR HELPING ME TANYA!!)

and i’m on (again, thanks to Tanya) watching how to cast on …

it took me a few minutes to figure out what she was doing .. but i think i got it! 🙂

summer’s almost here .. 2nd year of UC

so here it is … we’re full swing (finally) into spring … tho it seems a bit of a hot spring. this summer is looking to be an amazing (and potentially frightening)

the youth group is planning a mission trip to a Navajo Indian reservation. i’m going to be one of the parentals driving. gonna hafta get a cdl to drive the bus we bought (yay!! 22 passenger!!)

the trip involves us going to the creation museum for the day, then out to the grand canyon for a river ride, then to the reservation — it *think* it’s in new mexico. the kids will run a VBS for a younger kids summer camp (jr and below) — then we high tail it back.

oh, did i mention the day we leave is the day i’m supposed to be driving back from kalamazoo?? errrrrr

am i sorry i don’t have a job? heck no! just the opposite … i’m completely thankful!