monday monday??

okay, so, now that i’m unemployed, and Resurrection Weekend is over (aka Easter) — what am I going to do with my time?

i’m reaching out … praying … asking for divine inspiration. so far, it’s been focusing on the Passion Play — which is now over. The set went down today … it was so sad. Our last luncheon together. Within 3 hours .. almost all evidence of the Passion Play is gone. Year after year, I’m amazed at how each year is better and better. This year was by far the best.

this week this week … well, i have no real idea .. other than going up to help David with his campaign ( — using my skills in whatever way they’re needed … be it computer related, or my supreme skills stuffing envelopes .. no job too big, no job too small. tho, i think i’m enjoying the small little jobs more 😉

next on the agenda … church website overhaul. i need to make parts easier for ministry leaders to update on their own. joomla is too complicated. sure it’s powerful .. but it’s a pain and not easy for non-geekified folk like me. i really think i need a team. i need some good direction too .. maybe i can get some time at the next leadership meeting.

and, of course … i need to go to nc to see my bestest friend …. and i need to take the boy child (okay .. man .. man child) to IL and WI to see friends and family. there’s a lot more i’d like to do … God, and money willing