the new path

you’d think getting notified of being layed off would be a catastrophic moment in your life.

for the second time in my 12 year career with IBM, I’ve been notified of being “affected” by the latest “resource action.”  sounds like i picked up some uninsureable disease right?

at first, i was really hurt .. and yes .. even i .. was brought to tears. it’s not a nice feeling when someone tells you “you’re not wanted anymore” (basically)

but then .. i sat, and prayed, and let it sink in. i asked for guidance, and really felt myself NOT being led to frantically try to find another job. i found my thoughts going to all sorts of other opportunities, things i could do — with joy and happiness — instead of working. i started thinking, and praying, “God, it’d be nice, if the separation package would be big enough, to get our debt low enough, that maybe i wouldn’t have to work…”

then i told mike, and he sat down with the package details, and our bills .. and came and wanted to talk about it … i wasn’t ready, i was dreading the bad news i was sure was going to come. i really wanted to wait until the next day. but he said he wanted to talk now. OH NOOO.

and then .. he said .. your package, will pay off all our debt. and further lasjfalk0923r als fjao ru42309jslkdfj .. HUH??? errrrrr .. BRAKES .. stop .. wha????

Did you just say, PAY OFF ALL OUR DEBT?


and he says .. “yes” .. “and” … (there’s an AND?) … “if that debt is all gone, we can live on my salary alone.”

PRAISE PRAISE SING SING .. REALLY? for real? no kidding?

so there you have it folks .. come March 31st, I’ll be officially early retired. Following the path God leads me down.

I’ve been set FREE.

Thank you God.