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i have no idea how long it’s been since ‘the big hack’ … but, i seem to have come full circle and back to wordpress for my site … it could be easier this way … i have my database still .. i could probably import all my old posts and stuff …. not sure it’s worth it..


but …. i’m here … and yes yes, the gallery still isn’t back online, yet yesterday i was sifting through pictures on my work computer, and found pix from when we first moved to pa … only 3 years ago .. and found pix of when anthony started at the catholic school .. OMG! HE WAS SOO TINY! you woudln’t believe how much the boy has grown grown GROWN!!!


not long now .. i’ll get stuff back


i wonder if this year, if i should write one of them ‘Christmas Update’ letters … i’m so horrible at keeping in touch with people … it’s not that i don’t love people out there … it’s that … well, i’m lazy!! VERY VERY LAZY.




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